Seminars and workshops are just one type of intervention and on there own will at best generate interest and deepen understanding. However, we are often asked about these as a starting point. The outlines here are exactly that, a starting point for learning more about your needs and desired outcome. Talk to us about how we can adjust these in COVID-19 safe way.



Problem to Pitch – ideal for your next team event


Duration 2.5-3 hours

Audience: All  - can be run for groups from 12 -200 (subject to facilities)


The aim of this activity is to be fast moving, energizing, informative and also fun. It has been run over 160 times with group ranging from graduates to senior compliance teams. In a fast paced and fun manner, groups compete against each other to define a problem, understand the DVF model, build a rapid prototype and learn how to pitch their idea.


Although fast and lighthearted - real tools are used that participants can take back to the workplace. The session culminates in a ‘Shark Tank’/’Dragon’s Den’ pitch – which is always well received. This is a perfect exercise to run after a lunch break or content heavy session.



“The so what?” – contextualizing technology trends.


Duration: 90mins – 2hrs with Q&A

Audience: All non-technologists, business leaders and clients (very popular for client events)


The aim of the presentation is contextualising emerging technologies relevant to the business participants business. In other words “providing insights about what technologies are emerging, give some insight into they how they work but the real focus is to provide a deep understanding of ‘the so what?’ implications for their business.


Real examples relevant to the audience are provided as well as providing some tools to help them assess the impact on their existing products, services and business models.



Lions not Dogs – turn your dogs into lions and let your lions roar

This can be run in either a presentation or seminar format.


Duration ½ day, ideally 1 day

Audience: Anyone in a leadership role


The aim of this session is to help build a common understanding of this ‘thing’ we label as innovation. What is it? Why does everyone want to do? and why do so many organisations start with the best intentions but get it so wrong or are unable to sustain it?


Using 12 illustrative examples of common mistakes made driving corporate innovation, participants go away equipped to be ‘Lions’ that know how to identify and deal with ‘dogs’. The seminar will empower participants but also help them help their leaders and their teams to remove innovation roadblocks.



Build a corporate innovation engine in 100 days


Duration 2-3 days min

Audience: Highly selective and agreed prior to event


This workshop is ideally run as part of a longer engagement, however by popular demand as a primer for digital transformation/innovation, it has been adapted to run as a stand-alone event.  In addition to understanding mindset and sometime operational changes it also discusses some of the innovation tools such as; Design Thinking, Lean UX, Business Model Canvases, Rapid Prototyping & Agile development. This can be helpful in identifying where more detailed training in these areas would be of benefit.


It provides real example of concepts that have gone from Post-it Note® to in the hands of customers in 100 days or less.