Welcome to the Jungle. Jungle Innovation 4.o

You're correct, lions don't live in the jungle.


However, Lions Not Dogs has partnered with the world's leading and most recognised innovation leaders to deliver Jungle Innovation 4.0 - a capability building experience truly like no other. Jungle Innovation 4.0 has innovated the development of leaders and prepares them for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Although it takes place in one of the world's most spectacular, unspoilt places of natural beauty, be very clear - Jungle Innovation 4.0 is far removed from your typical leadership offsite program as it gets. This is not industrial tourism, this is not   'tour de Silicon Valley',  the  'FAMGA" (Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon) experience. This takes place deep in  in a real jungle. This program makes a real and proven difference.

Leaders return having been exposed to new ways of approaching innovation and transformation. They will learn by getting their hands extremely dirty. It will change them personally, the way they think about change and the way they lead change in their organisations.


Whilst learning new skills, tools and mindsets, they will also make a meaningful difference to people's lives and save help the planet.

When you understand what comprises the Jungle Innovation 4.0 experience, you will understand why places each year are very limited and highly sought after but Jungle Innovation 4.0 remains unique rather than exclusive, experiential rather than theoretical.

Want leaders that can drive change in your organisation? Want leaders that are truly courageous. Want to make the world a better place? 

Let's talk.