1. HUNT 

Provide meaningful, results-driven consulting engagements. This can be assessing the current state of your innovation and transformation activities 'Diagnosis'. It can be broad more ranging, looking across the enterprise or focused on specific activities. One of the most frequently requested services is to assess existing digital transformation & innovation efforts and innovation teams in particular. We help to make sure focus is on the correct areas, we review process, compare success by benchmarking across and within industry verticals, and increase the percentage of outcomes that reach commercialisation. We help improve the capability of existing teams, pivot innovation portfolios and provide interim leadership if necessary.


Build Capability through our in-house and public seminars, courses and workshops. These range from short (2 hours seminars) to hands on workshops such as 'Build a Corporate Innovation Engine in 100 days' (3 days). Click here to join 'The Pride' to be update on public courses near you. The flagship capability building event is Jungle Innovation 4.0


3.​ ROAR

Lions Not Dogs can make your next leadership offsite, team meeting or conference ROAR. We can both deliver keynote presenations or chair your event. We can also provide master certified facilitators or trainers to help deliver your own agenda or curriculum.