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Why Lions not Dogs?

Lions Not Dogs took it's name from an article by Michael Graber. He articulated some of the challenges delivering innovation capability within large organisations. Many senior leaders are quick to mention the buzzwords of today’s corporate language; digital transformation, innovation, disruption, agility, customer centricity and of course let’s not ignore the increasingly long list of tech portmanteaus – ‘FinTech’, ‘RegTech’, CleanTech, EduTech even DeathTech. 


When you look beneath the words, what they are often seeking is building the organisational capability to accelerate the development, validation and iteration of their products, services, customer experiences and even business models. Corporate ‘Dogs’ follow the pack, sometimes their own pack rather than the organisation as a whole. Dogs may seem willing to change, make the right noises but ultimately they do whatever is needed to protect the status quo.



Innovation is not just about technology,
it's about your attitude and ability to change

Dogs hate change. A pack of dogs will eat your transformation program for breakfast and stifle your ability to innovate.

Lions Not Dogs brings together cultural/organisational readiness with a deep understand of technology to create transformative and radical innovation in a changing digital world. We let Lions be Lions. We transition Dogs into Lions by fostering a pragmatic approach to transformation with the logic of today and tomorrow, not yesterday.

Over 84% of digital transformation programs painfully fail.

Don’t be a Dog.  Be a Lion.  Have the courage to transform than follow the pack. Learn how our seminar, workshops and courses can give your organisation a LION HEART

What we do is...

We listen more than we talk. We promote action over deferment. We transfer capability rather than keep it to ourselves. We disrupt ourselves – we eat our own lion food (and the dog's food). We deliver results driven consulting engagements, seminars, and keynotes. We have experience in building innovation and digital capability from the ground up, as well as pivoting, refocusing and realigning existing efforts. Lean innovation is our speciality. 


Lions Not Dogs links people with technology. We show how technological and organisational alignment are essential to successful digital transformation.


In short, we do  3 things...

Who we work with?

Lions Not Dogs brings demonstrated success supporting Transformation and Innovation programs in Financial Services, Healthcare, Logistics, TelCo and Public sectors in APAC and globally. We also work with Venture Funds and Conference & Event Organisers. Click on DEVOURED to see the work that LnD has already delivered, including case studies on Product Innovation, developing new business models, engagement with start-up/VC ecosystems and HR innovation.

Jungle Innovation

You're correct, lions don't live in the jungle. Lions Not Dogs has partnered with the world's leading and most recognised innovation leaders to deliver Jungle Innovation 4.0 - a capability building experience truly like no other.